The Bear Trap: Something New
by Jared Coxford, Herzliah High School

Aren't you tired of hearing the same old songs on the radio? And when you finally hear a song that you like, you find out it's a ripped off cover from some cheesy 80's band? Well fear no more, it's time to listen to something a little different, and I got the perfect suggestion for you. Two words: "Bear Left." The hard rocking trio, based in Montreal, compile an amazing mixture of mellow tunes with some up-beat percussion, twisted guitar strumming and jazzed-out bass lines.

The trio released a four song demo back in 1998, and just within the last year released their first full-length, self-produced album titled "You, Me, We."

The new album lets you see the many different sides of Bear Left. Songs like; The Waltz ('round the back) and This Directly. bring out the serious, sobered-up side of the band. Then you have songs which bring out the more amusing, goofy side of the band, such as: Superhero and Sightings. You also get a little glimpse of one of Bear Left's high voltage live shows, with a live version of the legendary song Iguana.

That's a whole other story. A Bear Left show is filled with incredible music, and a whole bunch of laughs. They appear regularly at venues such as; Café Campus Petit and McGill's famous Yellow Door Coffeehouse. Bear Left's high energy and enthusiasm comes out on their album and especially at their live shows, which you should attend if you get the opportunity. One of the main reasons for the band's success and fan support is due to their amazing front man named Howie Kislowicz. Not only is he a fantastic guitarist with a more than beautiful, soothing voice, but he adds many more instruments into the music, with his incredible writing and humorous ways. The band would obviously not be complete without the musically enhanced thinking an! ! d playing of both, percussionist Shai Korman and bassist Matt Wiviott.

So remember these two tips: go see Bear Left live whenever you get the chance, and buy their album "You, Me, We." It's an amazing album that cost only ten dollars, which you can pick up by e-mailing the band ( or by picking one up at one of their multiple shows. It's great music to listen to when you're driving, when you're doing homework, or when I listen to it, before I fall asleep.

I guess Bear Left said it best when they sang, "If I were a penguin, I'd hide out in your tub," which really has nothing to do with anything, but come on, it's funny!!

Visit Bear Left's official website for some upcoming show dates, lyrics and an amusing smell:

Here's another Montreal band who are personal friends of Bear Left and me, which you should check up on. They are called Dr. Tom's Leather. Visit them at: